Cycling For Weight Loss – Cycling at a Slow Pace to Burn Calories

The bicycle is an excellent fitness machine, and cycling for weight loss does not need to be complex. By combining regular cycling, cardiovascular exercise, and a well-balanced diet with proper nutrition, cycling can really ramp up your fat burning potential. Whether you’ve got a little to lose or a lot to gain, these tips can help you become a better cyclist and shed the pounds. If you’re not already riding, why not give it a shot?


Many people mistakenly think that cycling is just another form of aerobic exercise. While aerobic exercises like running can burn a lot of calories per hour, cycling requires far less physical exertion than running does. And because you are pedaling a bicycle instead of a foot-powered engine, you are also using less energy when you pedal at a higher pace. So cycling allows you to work out at a level that you are most comfortable at without exhausting yourself. This helps you to limit your calorie intake without sacrificing too much effort, which is great for losing weight.

One way to estimate how many calories are being burned while you ride is to look at your heart rate. A typical cardio workout requires around seventy to eighty him, so the faster you ride, the faster your heart beats. Biking at a consistent pace of about three to five miles per hour burns between five hundred and seven hundred calories, depending on your current size. Adding a simple workout of your choice, such as interval walking, swimming, or cycling at a faster pace can raise this number.

When considering cycling for weight loss, remember that strength training should play a major role. Cycling requires a great deal of stamina, so a good, steady pace combined with appropriate resistance is important. There are many ways to increase your strength training effectiveness while riding your bike, including using resistance bands to build muscle and resistance, or weight machines at the gym. Consider the equipment you already have and what you would like to incorporate in order to make your workout time more effective.

The type of riding you do will also play a major role in your weight loss success. The same cycling exercises that work fine for men can be very effective for women, so don’t limit your goals by concentrating on harder riding only. Instead, find a variety of rides that you enjoy and use different intensities, so you get a steady pace that burns calories.

Finally, remember that cycling burns calories, even when you’re not riding. When you ride, the muscles in your body are constantly working at a steady pace. When you rest, those same muscles come back to a state of almost full capacity, so even if you’re not doing any type of cardio work, you’re still getting a good workout while losing weight. Cycling for weight loss can help you do just that.

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