Cycling For Weight Loss – A Guide to Physical Exercise

Considering cycling for weight loss? Even if you are a seasoned cyclist or just beginning, it is completely possible to become fitter at home by cycling at home. Cycling is a low-impact aerobic exercise, which burn up to 300 calories an hour, and is perfect for shedding off your excess spare tire at the gym. It’s easy and convenient, too, since you can do it from the comfort of your own bike.

Cycling for weight loss does not necessarily have to be done on an expensive bicycle with fancy electronics and chrome components. A basic, inexpensive bicycle with an aerobic engine and a quiet and steady speed is what you need to get started. You can ride at a faster pace for a quick fat burning workout or lower your heart rate for a slower cardio workout. If you prefer to ride at a faster pace, add an uphill section to your cycling route when you are getting into the habit of cycling for weight loss. This will increase your endurance and raise your metabolic rate for a great fat-burning cardio workout.

When you are first starting out, it is best to stick to relatively slow, low-impact workouts to avoid jarring or pulling your body forward, which can cause injury. You can gradually increase the pace as your body becomes accustomed to cycling for weight loss and start to burn more calories per hour when you are riding at a faster pace. Begin with a light, comfortable ride to get used to the exertion. Cycling at a very slow speed for about one hour a day for the first few weeks is enough to see some significant weight loss.

According to many fitness experts, interval and high intensity cardio exercises are one of the best ways for burning fat. Riding a bike at a fast pace for about thirty minutes a session burns up to sixty to seventy-five calories. That is equivalent to jogging for two hours. Riding at a slightly higher pace for another thirty minutes burns even more fat, in addition to providing the maximum fitness benefit.

It is not necessary to complete one strenuous cardio workout for cycling for weight loss. A good, low impact exercise such as cycling is sufficient for a good fat loss workout. It is important to note that cycling does not provide a complete fitness program for cycling for weight loss. However, cycling does improve cardiovascular fitness, while providing a safe and effective way to lose weight.

According to fitness experts, the best time to ride a bike for weight loss is in the late afternoon or early evening. The cool thing about riding a bike is that you can ride as long as you like, as there are no strict rules. There are no specific numbers of miles per hour, that one must ride for. The number of miles one can ride depends on how far he/she can ride in a single session and how many calories he/she has burned during the ride.

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