Cycling For Weight Loss – Tricks to Make cycling an Easy Weight Loss Diet

You can start cycling for weight loss right now. The most important step is to come to terms with your motivation to change. If you’re a hardgainer, then you need to work harder. If you’re a couch potato, you might be lax on your bike time. Regardless of your initial motivation, you need to figure out what you’re willing to give up in order to reach your weight loss goals. Whether you have a bit or a lot to lose, these tips can help you get off your butt and start riding a bicycle.


It wasn’t easy; first it was easy; all wanted to join the fast moving fast group on our local road ride. It was so simple; we all wanted to be faster, hang out with the bigger fast group. But for me, I needed to burn more calories to get where I was going, so that’s where I got started: cycling for 30 minutes a day.

Here’s how it works: Riding your bike burns many calories. That’s a fact. So the trick was to find other ways to ”trick” myself into thinking I was burning calories. For example, I’d often think about how many calories I was burning on my daily commute.

I’ve done this for years, but it doesn’t work. I’m always right. My diet has always allowed for this, so I know I’m right. So now I find creative ways to trick myself. One way is to count how many calories I’m burning on my bike ride, then I can make myself think I’m losing fat by eating more red meat (which burns calories).

Another trick I use is small changes in my workout. For instance, rather than running on level terrain all the time, I do short bursts of high intensity sprints. I alternate weeks how long between short sprint sessions. This makes a big difference in my fitness levels and keeps me in a constant state of fitness. You can find more information about cycling for weight loss on my website.

Cycling for weight loss is fun. It gets you outside, challenges your mental abilities, provides plenty of exercise, and helps you burn calories. If you want to lose body weight, then cycling is a great choice. Find some good cycling clothes and start riding! Don’t forget to add some strength training into your routine and see how you respond.

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