Cycling for Weight Loss – How to Burn Calories Per Hour With Cycling

There are many advantages to cycling for weight loss. Riding often will increase your activity level, burning calories, and improve your fitness overall. But other than those advantages, cycling is simply fun!

However, in order to really benefit from cycling for weight loss, combining a balanced diet with cycling should be vital to success. Cycling not only burns calories but it also improves your cardio fitness. You can burn up to 750 calories per hour when you cycle compared to walking or running. This allows you to burn off more fat, which, in turn, helps you lose weight faster. So how can you make cycling for weight loss easier?

Interval training is a great option for adding intensity to your cycling workouts. Interval training requires that you complete a series of high intensity workouts that are shorter in duration. The goal is that you complete these workouts several times before you get tired and then repeat as often as possible between workouts. For example, if you want to lose one pound per week, you would ideally perform interval training five times per week for eight weeks.

Another great option for burning extra belly fat is to do some cardio workouts while cycling. Many people overlook the cardiovascular benefits of cycling, yet this component can be one of the most effective in losing body fat. Cardiovascular workouts help you burn many calories at a time by increasing your heart rate and pumping blood through your body. When doing cardio workouts, make sure to include an intense workout that emphasizes your large muscle groups such as your legs, back, arms, and shoulders. Cycling does an excellent job of targeting your large muscle groups.

You can also do some fat-burning workouts during your rides. One of the most popular methods is to ride as hard as you can for two minutes on an incline then pedal rapidly for the same distance again. Try doing this after you have been riding for two minutes and again after you have pedaled as fast as you can for two minutes. This is another good way to achieve fasted weight loss.

As you can see, cycling offers many positive options for burning calories per hour. By including some of these suggestions with your cycling sessions, you can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your cycling sessions and therefore burn more calories at a faster rate. In addition, remember to drink plenty of water throughout your workout so that you stay hydrated and can maximize the calorie-burning benefits of cycling.

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