Cycling For Weight Loss – Is it Right For You?

Considering cycling for weight loss? Either way, you are not alone! This relatively new form of exercise is becoming increasingly popular and more people are getting on board. If you’ve always wanted to lose a few pounds but have always been too scared to join a gym, fear not – cycling for weight loss can be a great way of doing it! Read on for more information.

Assuming you are in good shape before starting your journey, your first task will be to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during your ride. No matter whether you are a seasoned professional rider or just starting out, it is entirely possible to become fitter in the saddle after only a few rides. Cycling is an excellent low-impact exercise that burns hundreds of extra calories per hour, meaning it is perfect for losing your extra spare tyre at the end of your long day at work.

Begin your cycle sessions gradually, ideally beginning with a thirty-minute period, three to five days a week. Try to alternate periods of cycling with periods of jogging or walking (taking the stairs is also excellent if you aren’t quite up to going it alone). By building up your endurance levels over time, you will find that your body will be less likely to store any extra fat-burning fat in your belly. A well-structured exercise program should not only burn off extra fat-but should also stimulate your metabolism, increasing your metabolic rate and helping you burn more calories at the end of your workout.

Once you are sure that you have built up sufficient stamina to ride for a decent amount of time on a regular basis, then it is worth considering adding in a cardio workout to your cycling routine. If you aren’t a big fan of jogging or walking, then you may want to consider speed-training methods such as riding at a faster pace or as a part of an elliptical machine circuit. Both these options burn a lot of fat, but are much less effective when it comes to a fat burning workout than a cycling session. Elliptical machines can be particularly beneficial here because they can provide a good cardio workout whilst you are at a constant rate, which is very different from say, jogging, where you can often run out of steam halfway through.

In general, one must incorporate cycling for weight loss into their daily routine in one of three ways. Firstly, one must attempt to increase the amount of cardio workout carried out during their everyday routine. Secondly, if you have a cycling-specific machine at home which you may have invested in, or one that your gym offers as part of a regular package, then you can try to use it to provide your cardio workout. Lastly, by combining cycling with other forms of exercise, such as running or swimming, then you are setting yourself up for even greater fat burning.

It is imperative that you understand how your body works so that you can make the best use of both cycling for weight loss and the cardio workouts that you get from it. By understanding how your body functions, you can make better decisions about what type of equipment you should invest in to help you burn fat. Also, it is always important to try cycling outdoors as part of a wider range of exercises so that you can fully reap the benefits of it. If you don’t feel confident enough to cycle in your own home, there are many places that you can go to safely exercise outdoors.

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