Celine Dion Weight Loss Story Leads to a Huge Success

Celine Dion’s recent weight loss has been one of the most talked about stories in Hollywood. The actress was a celebrity before anyone even realized she was a starlet, but since her famous stint on the TV show ”The Price is Right” her weight has become a talking point for the media. The heart-wrenching ”I heart it” song that Celine sang to her husband after he proposed shocked the public with her drastic weight loss, as well as her revealing photographs on Instagram. Recently the heart-throbbing star was criticized by several doctors who claimed that her weight-loss plan, which included drinking milkshakes every day, and working out with weights and hula hoops, weren’t effective or safe.


Celine Dion’s weight loss story was also the basis for the first episode of the hit TV show ”The Biggest Loser”, which debuted on CBS last year. Celine shared her story of battling anorexia and bulimia on her Instagram page before her appearance on the popular show. Recently, she was named the new spokesperson for L’Oreal. The brand has a strong influence over many Hollywood celebrities and their kids. This news marks the first appearance of an L’Oreal spokesperson on a reality show, where the mother of one is trying to battle the bulimia and obesity issues plaguing her family. A representative for L’Oreal confirmed to People magazine that Celine had indeed received treatment for her weight loss condition.

Celine’s reps further stated that she will be participating in future episodes of the popular show, where she will be sharing more about her struggles with her weight. She is yet to reveal the exact results from her two-week process. In her Instagram post, she referred to herself as ”a Thin Star”. This term seems to be related to the song by Beyonce and her sister Solange Knowles. The song’s lyrics suggest a person who is thin and desirable, as seen in the cover art, which shows a slim body with prominent features. Celine’s fans have taken to the term to express their admiration for her slim body, as well as hope for her success.

Celine Dion Weight Loss Plan

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